In my free time I try to do some personal projects or projects requested by people.

I do this as my hobby and try to learn as much as possible trough these.



Mijn Podium Vereniging Sint-Niklaas

A database-driven site to look op music associations in and around


People can search on a few terms to find a association in his neighborhood. They can make a choice between music, acting or word.

For this project I used Wordpress and Caspio.

I used these programs to easly set-up a website fast. Later its supposed to be changed to a self-made site and MySQL database.



Logo and Design


A collection of designs for different occasions. I made these on request and to learn more about different programs such as GIMP, Inkscape, Adobe photoshop, ... .

  • JOW: A design for a new music association for young people
  • Posters for different events
  • And others



I sometimes try to make time for some game developing.

Here are e few screenshots from games I made in college and in my free time.

  • Hexa Defence: A tower-defence game with hexagon tiles.

The purpose of this project was to learn and create a pathfinding with haxogons.


  • KDGotchi: A class project for "The Bridge" in Antwerp.

We created a interactive tamagotchi that could be fed, played with and grown with tweets and buttons. I was the lead-dev for the physical buttons. We used arduino for the connection with the program.





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This is my personal site where I present some of my projects.

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